The Jacaranda

A smart kid, he’s got a gallant heart He’s gonna earn his degree
Keep his head down, study hard And his nose clean
He’s got his girl back in Moranbah The world is at his feet
She’s got a ticket to a better life With his wedding ring
There’s gonna be up’s and downs Life rolls round and round
When the Jacaranda falls that’s the end of it all
No more long distance calls and nights alone
They’ll be strangers under covers As they slowly find each other
And rediscover all they’re livin’ for
When the Jacaranda falls he’s goin’ home
When the Jacaranda falls he’s comin’ home
The corporate ladder is a six figure packet If he rides the mining boom
She’s prepared to without With a baby due
The distance is a killer with him gone for the winter but she wears the sacrifice
He’s flying in and he’s flying out That’s a contract life
Her crystal ball was cracked But she never doubts he’ll be back
(Repeat Chorus)
He wasn’t there to hold her hand He couldn’t make it back in time
He kicked himself and drove like hell Tearing up the night
She shed her tears on the winter winds with her new born baby’s cries
But her heart beat quicker knowing he’d be with her come morning’s light
Their love burns deeper than the blows And it’s the only life they know
(Repeat Chorus)
He’s comin’ home
He’s comin’ home
He’s comin’ home