One More Time

I’ve paid my dues; I’ve got a bit to say
Been round the block and learned a lot; I’ve got the will to find a way
Talk is cheap; I turned the other cheek
I wore my heart out on my sleeve; But never learned to duck and weave
Between my family and the road; It’s a lonely, long way home
Give it one more chance
Give it one more try
Do I ride that rollercoaster one more time
Do I take a shot; Give it all I got; And lay it on the line
One more chance
One more time
I paid the price; Reaching for my dreams
I hitched a ride upon a star; Then had to fall to find my feet
Do I pluck at this chance that’s floated by
And tuck my pockets full of hope; And dare to walk a real fine line
Can I rise above the games; Knowing some things never change
(Repeat Chorus)
Well the list was long with would-be friends; Claiming how they cared
But when the chips were down and spread around
I found the true ones I could count; With fingers left to spare
Between the Facebook “likes” and fans
Can I do it all again
(Repeat Chorus)
I’ll give it one more chance
Just one more try
I’m gonna ride this rollercoaster one more time
I’m gonna take a shot and give it all I got; I’m gonna lay it on the line
For one more chance
One more time
One more chance
One more time
© Tanya Self - Standard Music Publishing 2012