Mischief (Your Backside’s Gonna Pay)

Hands on hips she’d watch the clock waiting by the door
I’d given my word that I’d not be late like a hundred times before
Five past three schools out we’d be tearing down the road
Flying on the breeze it was as fast as we could go
She said girl you’ll be the death of me I swear you’ll learn one day
Next time your head thinks mischief your backside’s gonna pay
Short cut through the railyard where she forbade I go
But the boys all did and the track was great and she’d never know
Detour down the main street forgetting all about the time
But her words rang clear when the clock struck four: if you’re late
Your backside’s mine
(Repeat Chorus)
So I walked real slow my head hung low I knew what I had done
Her face so stern her eyes so fierce I knew what was to come
But she said the sting of any smack her heart would feel ten-fold
And that there had to be a better way that I’d do as I was told
She said my girl you are so reckless but beneath it all you’re smart
So if you make it home on time….you can have my old guitar
Well I had nothing left to fear cause I’d be riding like the wind
So I could lock myself away each day and play with my best friend
(Repeat Chorus)
And my guitar is still my saving grace for the way I need to play
© Tanya Self/Standard Music Publishing