Lonely in Sydney tonight
Hoping you’re hearing me smile
What I hide well and dare not tell
Is that I’m dying inside
Feels like hell I’m so lonely tonight
Missing Brisbane and you
Another like all the others to ride through
I swear I’m fine everytime
So it shocks me too
How well I lie when I’m lonely for you
Crazy denying the walls I’ve been climbing and it won’t go away
I’m yelling to drown it
Screaming to scare it
But you’re too far away
Hey hey
I’m so lonely babe
Lonely so damn lonely tonight
Surrounded impounded by lights
No matter what I said to weave the web that keeps you satisfied
It’s cold inside this lonely long dark night
It’s a bitter fight through the loneliness tonight
Can’t deny I’m just so lonely tonight
© Tanya Self - Standard Music Publishing 1996