Listening In

Underneath our squeaky clean
Picture perfect small town family
Dogs never barked to the slamming doors and breaking glass
I’d find a way to play safe in the yard
And close my eyes and dream it all away
Our summer burned another small town day
Blinds were drawn like the calm before a storm
They were peeking through the cracks ear to the wall
Innocence was lost but no one made ‘em stop
And no righteous indignation rescued us
Disillusion thundered down our street
I’d pray with my hands clenched beneath the sheets
(Chorus 1)
Our town barely blinked a sleepy eye
Just a small town too busy keeping small town lies
It’s hiding sordid secrets covering the hurt
Picking up its pieces washing out the dirt
Everybody’s reasons can’t be undone
We were the ones they’d be listening in on
Girls ran away boys went to jail
A trail of destruction in their wake
Dads high tailed as well a suitcase full of lies to tell
And left behind a life of living hell
“Uncles” came to stay and make ends meet
Daddy’s girls cried themselves to sleep
(Repeat Chorus 1)
Pillars in our town’s society
Slept soundly so secure in sanctity
(Chorus 2)
Our town never looked me in the eye
A small town won’t lock its doors but don’t open them too wide
It’s hiding all its secrets covering the hurt
Picking up its pieces washing out the dirt
I know they had their reasons and what’s done is done
But we were the ones they stood by listening in on
Everyone had someone listening in on
© Tanya Self 2013 - Standard Music Publishing