(I Think I've) Fallen

Flying like a bird
Floating on a cloud
Couldn’t care if I’m heard
Singing out loud
This is nothing like me
Down on my knees
Hanging from the moon
Wishing on a star
Believing every dream comes true
A hostage to my heart
Feeling foolish as a child
Wild and alive
Chorus 1:
I think I’ve fallen
My heart has spoken
Without even knowing
I think that I’ve fallen in love
Smiling like a clown
Spinning like a top
Picking clover from the ground ..counting
Does he love me or not
Don’t wanna leave it all to chance
Need to know where I stand
Chorus 2:
I think I’ve fallen
Drought has been broken
Rivers are flowing and I think I’ve fallen in love
Holding my breath losing my head fallen
Cupid is calling no point in stalling if he thinks I’ve fallen in love..
Repeat Chorus 1 & 2:
Flyin like a bird floatin on a cloud…….
© Tanya Self/ Standard Music Publishing 2012