Growing Up

Always want what you haven’t got
And try to be the things you’re not
You lose the forest in all the trees
Freaking out about who to be
Growing up
Punching nothing but the clouds
Soul searching storming ‘round
Feeling lost and screaming loud
Trying to figure what life’s about
Growing up
Spinning fast and wild but moving in slow motion
I covered both my ears but my eager eyes were open
Too old to listen too young to learn the lesson
But I remember how it was growing up
Can’t read the writing on the wall
Unless your heart is broke for sure
Shattered dreams and slamming doors
Keep you coming back for more
When you’re growing up
(Repeat Chorus)
Can’t tell the truth from a lie
Too proud to ask and find out why
Won’t forgive but soon forget
All the help you always have
Growing up
(Repeat Chorus)
……always want what you haven’t got …..still growing up
© Tanya Self - Standard Music Publishing