When he walks through the door I wanna cry
It’s been one of those days after one of those nights
There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Til I’m buried in his arms holding on so tight
He kisses me when I least expect
And tells me don’t you ever forget
That I’m every lover he’s ever had
That I’m every lover he’ll never have
Well if I’m everything he’ll ever need?
It’s not half everything he is to me (everything everything)
It’s a fragile façade that I’m strong
I worry way too much I take too much on
Then I’m tired and I’m angry when they’re wrong
And I’ll never let it show but I hold on too long
Sometime it’s too much bare
Til he loves me and shows me again
(Repeat Chorus)
He takes me to remind me he’s mine
And whispers we’re gonna be alright
(Repeat Chorus)
He’s my everything
© Tanya Self 2013 - Standard Music Publishing